License App:

When first installing a CAD Design Software application (App), a dialog appears and will list the Days Allowed. Each time the app is used (run app and exit), this dialog will appear and will show the remaining Days left.

You may pick Continue to continue to evaluate or pick the Purchase License button to open a web browser and go to the current application’s webpage. If the web browser does not open (maybe due to security set on computer), you may go to our Apps Catalog page and pick on the App desired to purchase (will open to the same page/URL if it was picked in the app dialog).

On the App page, pick the Buy Now button to purchase that will direct you to PayPal. You may login to use your preexisting account or make a one-time purchase with a Debit or Credit Card*. Once payment is received you will receive an email message with your serial number.

Run the application and pick the Enter License Key button, Copy and Paste your serial number into the box and pick OK. You will need to allow app to register the key entered over the internet one-time to confirm the key.

After license key has been verified, you will now own the app.

If Multiple Licenses were purchased, use the same serial number for each user / activation. Please keep track of each activation for the Quantity purchased.

*CAD Design Software owns a Paypal Merchant account to allow use of a credit or debit card for a one-time purchase without need to create or use a Paypal account.