ARCTAN - Tangent ARC to Line Creation

Ever have a problem getting an arc to tangent a line or polyline just right? Been frustrated that you are unable to start out right but just can’t get the tangent to look perfect? Or maybe you did get that tangent to the right size, but as it turns out, it isn’t from the starting point you needed? Well, ARCTAN takes care of all that by taking all the guesswork out of drawing complex tangent arcs! Indeed, if it actually can be drawn with the starting point and radius you specified, ARCTAN will compute and automatically draw it for you in a jiffy!

Main features:

  • Draws an ARC object
  • Will utilize user specified radius value for Arc Draws arcs to either lines or polylines
  • Has options to select arc tangent point inside or outside of a specific line
  • Has the ability to indicate if user input radius value exceeds radius of picked point

Trial App: Download the installer package from CDS or Autodesk. When first run, app will be in Trial mode. After trial expire pick the "Purchase App" button in dialog that appears (app used in AutoCAD) or return to this webpage and pick the Buy Now button. See Install Support page

Buying App: Pick the Buy Now button to purchase. This will direct you to PayPal. You may login to use your preexisting account or make a one-time purchase with a Debit or Credit Card*. Once payment is received you will receive an email message with your serial number. Copy and Paste your serial number into the dialog box. See License Support Page

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