Award winning CAD Design Software is renowned for its innovative solutions to the most complex PCB and chip packaging design issues. Typically these solutions come part of a full-fledged Designer Suite, catering to a specific technology, which unfortunately restricts their use to just the owners of these industry trendsetting toolsets.

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Now CDS has diligently worked to extract and bring you the individual features of many of these powerful tools. These once esoteric tools are now are available right here as extremely cost effective AutoCAD add-on utility apps! From as little as $1.99 you can cash in on the amazing power of these tools that once were available only to a few savvy CDS Designer Suites users ! From polyline tuning, vectorization, manipulation of polylines, circles and donuts, to layer control, resistance calculations, GDSII conversion and even an app to generate 3D hardware, the sheer range and utility of these amazing apps is now in your hands. At prices that will make you smile !